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Rachel & Finn

Dear Diary, I ____ Finn Huson {Finn/Rachel fic}

A Community for Finn/Rachel from Fox's GLEE


Dear Diary, I ____ Finn Huson {Finn/Rachel fic}

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Title: Dear Diary, I ____ Finn Hudson
Chapters: One-Shot
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: G
Spoilers: The Pilot
Summery: Rachel and Finn have known each other since forever, but feelings don't stay the same forever.

When I was eight years old I had already perfected my dance skills, was well on my way of being the best singer of my age, and had bought my first pack of gold stars to place by my name. I was ok with not having many friends, or any. They just didn’t get me.

Ever since kindergarten I had had the same kids in my class. Quinn Fabray, an overly peppy and annoying girl who had made it her life’s goal to make me miserable. Puck who never told anyone his last name because apparently it’s embarrassing who along with Quinn made my life even worse. And then lastly Finn Hudson. He didn’t say much, he was a very one word type of guy. The type of kid you didn’t know if he would end up at Yale or in jail. He didn’t always take part in Quinn and Pucks daily routine of belittling me but when he did, it was usually worse then anything the other two could do.

One day in class I was writing in my diary, this is dated way before MySpace hit it big, and Finn walked up to me. I only looked up at him for a moment before I continued to keep writing, but that’s all it took. I knew he was up to something, I could tell with the way his eyes look, determined. The teacher had stepped out for a moment so their was no one who could stop whatever was about to happen but I could tell by Quinn and Puck laughing in the corner that it wasn’t going to be good.

Suddenly my diary was out for under my hands and Finn had it gripped tightly in his hands.

“Give it back!” I stood up shouting only making Puck and Quinn laugh more. Finn held it up over my head so it was just out of reach, “Give back now!”

“Did you hear that guys? She wants it back now,” he laughed with his friends, “or you will do what?”

I jumped to grab it but he moved it so he held it closer to himself and he started paging through it, “Finn this isn’t funny.”

He ignored me, by this point everyone in the class had turned their head and was laughing at the whole scene, “Dear Diary,” he read out loud, “I have decided to start staring my name with gold stars after every time I write it out, so everyone know just how much of a star I truly am. Daddy says it’s a metaphor.” he stumbles on the last word, sounding it out.

“Are you happy now? you read it out loud. Can I have it back?” I stomped my foot down reaching out for the book.

“Let me think about that,” he tossed it from one hand to the other and then flipped back open to a random page, “No I think this would be better,” with that he slowly tore the page out, then another and another. Quinn and Puck were giggling so much at this point it was almost all I could hear. My tears slowly started to build up as each page fell to the class floor. Finally he dropped the practically bare book at my feet and stepped on the cover, “Much better,” with that he turned and headed back to his table with his friends.

I knelt down to pick up the pieces, rubbing tears out of my eyes when it became too blurry to see out of them. When I finally sat down at my table I opened the book to the only blank sheet left in the book and wrote, “Dear Diary I hate Finn Hudson.”


When I was sixteen years old Glee was the most important thing in my life. Becoming famous and blasting off into stardom was all going to happen because I was good and I could take our team all the way to Nationals, and I knew it. Sure I didn’t have a male lead that could dance, or stand for that matter, I knew I could do it because that was what I was meant for, it was destiny.

All my plans and dreams came to a sceetching halt the day I walked into the auditorium and Finn Hudson was standing on stage chatting with Mr. Schuester. They were in deep conversation, it looked almost like a peep talk. Then he handed Finn a song sheet and I realized this must be the darkest day to ever exist. Finn Hudson has joined show choir.

True Finn hadn’t done anything to me lately to be fearful of but that didn’t mean his friends ever let up. Quinn still had to get in her daily jab and Puck his occasional icee to the face. Finn had become more quiet over the years, but that didn’t mean I still didn’t avoid him in the hall and that certainly didn’t mean I was anywhere near pleased when we all gathered in a line on stage getting ready to sing.

“Ok Finn I want you to sing the male lead part as you know it. Don’t pay attention to the musical notes, I’ll teach you how to read those later.” Mr. Shu said standing in front of us on the edge of the stage, “From the top.”

Great he can’t even read music this will go over well. I thought to myself as the music from the piano started up. Here we go.

“I got chills, They’re multiplyin,” Suddenly this amazing voice hit my ears. It was Finn’s voice. It was good. It was…amazing. A little rough but it wasn’t because of his voice being bad it was because it was a high note to sing. I can work with this, “and I’m loosing control. Cause the power you are supplyin, it’s electrifyin!”

I couldn’t help it something snapped inside me and I threw down my lyrics sheet and stepped forward, “You better shape up, cause I need a man and my heart is set on you,” I ran my hands threw Kurt’s hair, probably pissing him off but I couldn’t tell, I had locked eyes on Finn and they weren’t leaving his, “You better shape up, you better understand. To my heart I must be true.” I could tell the others were getting annoyed with my sudden outburst but it was as if something inside me was controlling my body and singing and I just couldn’t help but get into the song. Suddenly I grabbed Finn’s arm pulling him back forth during the, “You’re the one that I want,” part. He look flabbergasted, at best. I barely had time to register what was happening before Mercedes got in the middle screaming something along the lines of “Aw Hell To The Nah,” and rambling on about how she isn’t a background singer. I couldn’t remember what she was saying because my eyes were still hooked on looking up at the boy, no man, that was standing in front of me. I wonder how tall he is? is all that kept repeating in my mind. It was as if I was seeing Finn in a new light, a new, super hot, super sexy light. When the hell did he grow up? was another thing that I couldn’t seem to stop thinking.

Somehow Mr.  Schuester seemed to be able to clam Mercedes down and get us all back in line to start up again. Finn gave me a slight nervous smile then started intensely looking at his lyrics trying to ignore my blistering stare. When the music started again I was standing next to Finn, this time I didn’t dance, I didn’t grope anyone, I just stood still with my arm occasionally brushing against his. And that was fine with me.

Later, after practice, I went straight up into my room and grabbed the diary notebook from under my bed. I hadn’t been religiously writing in it ever day like I used to but sometimes I wrote little notes about my day just so I could remember when I write my autobiography.

Today I only wrote one small line but it seemed like the most important page in the book, “Dear Diary, I like Finn Hudson.”


People said we couldn’t do it, they said that nobody was ever going to care about Glee club. But when I was seventeen years old we finally reached Nationals. The year before we had attempted it but only got to Regional’s and totally bit it during the Finals. But here we were, standing on the stage that not only 15 minutes ago we had been singing and dancing on, having people chant our name and confetti was falling from the ceiling. We had won. We were the best in the nation. It actually had happen.

So many things were happening at once. People from our school had rushed the stage and were now celebrating. Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury were smiling and hugging in the off to the side of the giant crowd. Tina was running Arty around the stage, in victory lap. Mercedes was lifting Kurt up in a giant bear hug, Kurt did not look happy. And then there was Finn. He was standing in the middle of the crowd, with a giant smile on his face, drinking the whole thing in. His hair was tussled from the random people who practically jumped on him for congrats. He looked so boyish, and cute. He looked over at me and smiled, waving me over. I smiled back and started zig zagging through the crowd to get to him.

In the past year Finn and I had become close, very close. He was my best friend. He understood me better then anyone and I think I am the same with him. I get him. When he was having troubles with Quinn I would tell him how I thought he should fix it and when I was having trouble dealing with the constant abuse from the popular kids at school he stood up for me. He had pretty much cut off all communication with Puck after Puck had spread a rumor about me being easy. And when Quinn started to help add fuel to that fire he had decided to break up with her. He said, “it’s what any good friend would do,” but I couldn’t help but it was wish it was more than that.

Not only had he been my best friend through the year but he had also become the object of my affection. Which was something that it seemed everyone else saw but Finn. I was crazy about him but he seemed to only see me as the little sister he never had. He would joke around with me if I had anyone special in my life and I would answer simply with, “Nope not really,” he used to ask more questions after that but he has learned that I wasn’t going to add on to it so he has stopped asking. If he only knew how I truly felt, I’m sure he would run in the other direction. So I just stayed quiet and played the part of the best friend with ease.

He reached out for my hand when I close enough. He smiled even bigger and wrapped his arms around me, “We did it.” he whispered into my ear, so softly I felt a small shiver run down my back. I hoped he didn’t feel that too.

“Yeah we did.” I whispered back. I pulled back and looked him in the eyes, they were glittering with tear threatening to spill over. I had never seen Finn get too emotional over anything so this was a shocking scene, “You ok?” I asked putting my hand on the side of his face. He closed his eyes and nodded.

“Yeah,” he said opening his eyes and smiling again, “I’m great.” he stare was intense and my heart started beating a mile a minute. I had to get out of there before he realized something was up with me.

I dropped my hand and stepped away from his grasp and took a few steps further back, “I’m going to go congratulate everyone else. I’ll catch up with you in a bit, kay?” I turned around trying to control my breath. I was a few steps further away when I felt Finns hand grab on to mine and spin me around back to him.

His smile had grown ever bigger and he laughed as he said, “You aren’t going anywhere,” suddenly his mouth was on mine. His lips were crushed on mine and all the breath had left my body in a sudden rush. I couldn’t believe this was happening, the one thing I had been dreaming about since I heard him sing for the first time was actually happening. And it wasn’t because I accidentally couldn’t help myself, o he was the one kissing me, and I was just standing there doing nothing. My eyes fluttered shut and my arm reached up and around his neck bringing him lower to me. He smiled against my lips and wrapped an arm around my waist and lifted me off my feet so we were at the same height.

This was the definition of a perfect moment. Confetti was falling all around us, people were jumping up and down and cameras were going off n all directions but we paid no attention to any of this, actually it all seemed like a blur. All that matter was us and this moment going on for as long as it could. But all good things must come to an end and breath was becoming necessary. Or lips broke away from each other but he didn’t let my feet touch the ground, in fact he just smiled and leaned his forehead against mine and laughed.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that,” He opened his eyes and looked at me, with the same intense happy look he had before.

I smiled back at him, “I think I may know how that feels,” I laughed and leaned forward and kissed him once again.

The only thing I could think of was my next diary entry, “Dear Diary, I love Finn Hudson."

A/N:  So i may or my not do" Dear Diary I ____ Rachel Berry" i haven't decided yet it all depends on how this one goes over. Let me know
what you think..


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