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Rachel & Finn

Fic: Roll The Dice, Just One More Time (Finn/Rachel)

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Fic: Roll The Dice, Just One More Time (Finn/Rachel)

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small town girl
Roll The Dice, Just One More Time
by Tracy (lunarknightz)
Category: Future Fic; Finn/Rachel, Will/Emma
Spoilers: Pilot.
Summary: Only in New York City could you randomly come across a showcase of Nationally Ranked Show Choirs by accident.

Rachel blinks as she sees the words on the marquee. She squints and rubs her eyes, just to make sure that she’s reading the words right.

She is.

She checks her watch; the show’s in just a few minutes. She walks up to the ticket window and purchases a ticket. Money might be a little bit tight for a while, but she can handle it. What’s a few more Ramen Noodles when you get to see something amazing?

Her seat is easy to find, and she opens her program. She blinks her eyes again when she a name in the program…seriously? Rachel would have thought he would have been long gone from Lima ages ago.

The lights dim, and the show begins. Only in New York City could you randomly come across a showcase of Nationally Ranked Show Choirs by accident. Some of the choirs wear outfits that are tacky, some are a bit pitchy, and not in sync at all. (Seriously, Justin Timberlake would be ashamed.)

And then, New Directions from William McKinley High School take the stage. They’re singing “Don’t Stop Believing” (Mr. Schuester is still using the same arrangement, and it’s awesome.) Not quite as awesome as when she was singing, but still.

She waits around after the performance to see if she can see any familiar faces and congratulate them on the performance. Slowly but surely, she creeps up to a group of people still seated in the front of the auditorium, and she sees Mr. Schuester! He’s got grey hair now, but that’s him! Rachel raises her hand to wave when she’s knocked over by a running ball of redheaded energy.

“Cassidy!” The redhead’s mother runs up and scolds her. “That’s certainly not how we act in a theater. We’ve taught you better than that.” She turns to Rachel and gives her a hand up while apologizing. “I’m so sorry.”

Rachel is amazed to recognize the mother. “Miss Pillsbury?” She introduces herself once she gets to her feet. “I’m Rachel Berry. I was one of your guidance counsel-ees, I guess, back at William McKinley?”

Her face lights up in recognition. “Rachel Berry?” She smiles. “It’s wonderful to see you! How did your Broadway dreams work out?”

“Okay, I guess.” Rachel leaves out the fact that her main job is as a Barista at Barnes & Noble. She’s been in a few plays, but she’s certainly not famous, by a long shot. There’s always the hope that she one day, could be.

“That’s fantastic!”

“Thanks, Miss Pillsbury.”

“I think that we’re all old enough by now to call me Emma.” She winks. “And by the way, I haven’t been Miss Pillsbury for years.”


“Most people call me Mrs. Schuester these days. Or the germ phobic battle-ax, or a couple of more colorful things I’m not going to say in polite company.” She pats Rachel on the shoulder. “Come and see the group. I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Okay.” Rachel nods, and follows.

“Look who I found.” Emma says, walking over to Mr. Schuester and kissing his cheek. “The prodigal singer.”

“Rachel!” Mr. Schuester exclaims, and gives her a hug. “How have you been?”

“Good.” She smiles. “Work keeps me busy.”

“Still singing?”

“All the time.”

It’s not a lie, really. She sings in the shower, and she always hums to herself while she’s on the Subway. And occasionally, at work, she gets on the loudspeaker and sings after closing, while she’s waiting for the book side of the store to finish cleaning up.

“Awesome.” He pats her gently on the back. “I hope you’ll join us for a dinner. We’ve got to pile on the bus and head out to eat, but you know as well as anyone that there’s always room for another on a William McKinley bus.”

“For sure.” Rachel smiles. She has the night off. Why not.

She follows them to the bus- She sits beside Mr. Schuester- Emma sits with Cassidy. Mr. Schuester introduces the two boys sitting directly in front of them as his sons, Adam (with his first wife- Rachel remembers when he was born- on the wild bus ride when Mr. Schuester was trying to get there for the birth), and Shawn.

“You’re still teaching Glee Club?” Rachel asks. “After all these years?”

“They don’t exactly like you sponsoring clubs when you’re principal. I’m just a chaperone on this outing. What can I say, the new director has a bit of pull, and he knows that I’m a sucker for show choir.”

His voice sounds through the bus. “You all ready to roll?”


The damn program had been right, after all.


The speaker on her doorbell never works quite right. Rachel has lived here for ten years, and the super’s never bothered to fix it. He probably never will.

It’s not the safest thing in the world, but she buzzes the person up anyway. Rachel has mace, and she knows how to use it.

She puts down the mace when she sees her visitor through the peephole in the door. He’d never hurt her.

Okay, so he’d broken her heart. But that was years ago. She was a New Yorker now. The past had no hold over her.

“I thought” She says, opening the door, “That if you really wanted to talk to me, you’d have said something at dinner.” He’d ignored her, purposely eating with a group of students rather than joining the Schuester family table where she’d sat.

”I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” Finn frowns. “It was a surprise.”

“I live in New York.”

“It’s a big city.”

“It’s a small world.” She counters.

“This was a mistake.” He says. “We’re leaving early in the morning. I should be watching after the kids.”

“How in the world did you end up being a teacher?”

“It seemed right.”

“It seemed right?” She asks. “Just like it seemed right to give that interview about me, back when were bffs with Ryan Seacrest?”

They’d just graduated from High School, and auditioning for American Idol had seemed like the most incredible and exciting thing they could do. They were in the crazy and stupid stage of love, when things don’t seem like they could possibly ever go wrong.

Over the years, singing side by side in New Directions, they’d become friends. That friendship had changed suddenly, to the point where all she wanted to do was French kiss her best friend. (To her delight, he wanted to kiss her, too.)

That happened at the beginning of Senior Year. They made plans for the future- Idol together (hopefully first/second place finish- wouldn’t an American Idol contestant couple make for a fantastic People magazine cover story?) If Idol didn’t work out, then they’d run off to New York and try it their way.

He’d even bought her a ring- not an engagement ring- but a promise ring. Eventually, he pledged to replace it with something better.

He never had.

“I made a lot of mistakes.” Finn sighs. “Look, If I could do things all over again…I never would have said those things. I wouldn’t have said anything.”

They’d both been close to being voted out. (Thanks a lot, Lima). It wasn’t easy dating when you were competing against each other. They fought after the show, and Finn had been caught by interviewers right after their fight. He’d said some things that weren’t nice about Rachel.

The sound bites made the news, and led to her being voted off.

The breakup was permanent. As soon as she got home from Hollywood, Rachel went to New York, and tried not to look back.

She’d often miserably fail.

“That still doesn’t explain how you ended up being a Glee Club teacher.”

“I quit Idol the next week.”

Rachel nods. That she knew.

“I made a few commercials and stuff after that. And Mr. Schuester helped me get a scholarship at the community college. I started helping out with the Glee Club to pay him back, and before I knew it, I got a degree in Education. Mr. S got a promotion, and I got hired, and ended up being the new direction of New Directions.”

“Oh.” She sighs. “Do you like it?”

“I like that I make a difference. It’s not fame, or anything that I thought I wanted at one time. The world might not know who I am, but the right people do.”

“Oh.” Rachel stares at her feet. She was way past due for a manicure, she notices.

“So what about you? Emma said that you’re performing?”

“Not really.” She shrugged. “I mean, occasionally. When I get a part. I know I’m good, but as much as I hate to say it, some people are better. I act when I can, but most of the time, I make mochas.”


“You chased your dream and found something else, Finn. I chased mine and found nothing. I’m still looking.”

“Rach,” He said, as he put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry that I hurt you. But believe me, you always have been, and always will be one of the most amazingly talented people I’ve known.”

“I wish I could believe that. I’ve come to think that it’s my lot in life to sing the blues.”

”Don’t be so silly. The Rachel I knew would never stop.”

They talk for ages, until her eyes can barely stay open.

It feels so damn good to talk to her best friend again.


Rachel’s been offered the part of a lifetime. It’s off Broadway, but it’s got buzz. This part could be a star maker. This could put her name in lights. She’d be a fool to turn it down.

She fidgets in the taxi. “Can’t you go faster?”

The driver shrugs. “Traffic, lady.”

Her life has changed completely in the last few months. She’s been in contact with Finn over the last few months- they text and email. They spend hours on the phone on the weekends- even cooking meals together as they talk. It’s silly and it’s wonderful, and she can’t believe that she’s wasted years being mad at him. Life is too damn short.

Rachel got her groove back, and with Finn’s support, she took a few new steps that she’d been too scared to before. She took a few college level classes. Her skills had grown. Most importantly, Rachel made new contacts that had hooked her up with the audition.

This morning, she’d quit her job at Barnes & Noble by singing “I Quit” over the loudspeaker.

She’s looking for a better future now.

She finally reaches her destination. Rachel pays the driver, grabs her bag, and rushes up the stairs.

The hallways are familiar, and she knows right where to find him. He’s standing in the middle of the stage, in the auditorium, teaching New Directions some new directions.

She holds up her phone, his latest text still shining bright on the screen.

“I love you too.” She says from the back of the auditorium. Finn turns around and sees her- a smile spreads across his face. He runs down the stairs. When he reaches her, he picks her up and twirls her in the air, before kissing her.

The kids in the choir laugh and go “oooohhh” in their direction. Finn blushes, but Rachel doesn’t mind that they have an audience.

She got the phone message about the role as she was in the cab on the way to the airport in New York. She got Finn’s message as she was going to work, and she dropped everything. Quit her job and decided that maybe Lima, Ohio was where she wanted to be.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want crowds of people to know her name. That would be nice. But even more than the world knowing who she was, she wanted the right person to know who she was.

That’s something that she finally has. Rachel Berry is never going to let it go.
  • I really loved that.
  • adooooorable. C:
    Way to go, Rachel. <3
  • I actually squeed out loud at the ending of your story. LOVED it! ♥
  • I was just going to tag this and run because it's late, but you sucked me in. This was great and I can see an older Rachel totally doing this. And I lol'd whole heartedly at the couple-American Idol contestant thing. Completely in character I think. Superb job, love.
  • This is well written, but I don't really like the fact that Finn was such an ass to Rachel, and didn't try to fix it until 10 yrs later, and now he's the big hero in her life. I don't think that Rachel would live her life full of regret like that only to bounce back because Finn was back.
  • I read this fic ages ago and then lost it, and there were about 4 of us at FF trying to find it!
    And wow! it is so beautiful :)
  • I read this back in May but forgot to leave feedback. Just wanted to say it was nice to reread it after a bunch of us on FF were searching for it. :) Lovely fic.
  • WOW. This was refreshing to read loved it, I can imagine her going into teaching
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