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Rachel & Finn

Couples Counseling

A Community for Finn/Rachel from Fox's GLEE


Couples Counseling

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Title: Couples Counseling
Author: hope813
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers through "Mash-Up."
Word Count:1,552 for chapter 3
Disclaimer: Sadly, this world is not mine.
Summary: Finn comes up with a plan to convince Rachel that they can finally be together. Now, he just has to convince her to go along with it. The story takes place two months after the events of "Mash-Up."

Author's Note: I cannot believe that I have written and posted three chapters in three days. I have one more chapter planned after this, but I cannot promise that it will be finished as quickly. However, reviews may change that. ; ) Seriously, the reviews on the various lj sites have meant SO much to me! Thanks again for taking the time to read and review!

She’d been manipulated. Plain and simple...Rachel Berry had been outwitted by Finn Hudson. She couldn’t decide whether to be seriously irritated or, well, flattered. Sneaking a glance over her shoulder at Finn’s annoyingly condescending smirk, Rachel decided she would chose to be flattered. She just could not stay angry at Finn Hudson for any length of time. That whole bowling alley fiasco had certainly proven that. He was her--

”Finn, what is that piece of rock that Superman is allergic to called?”

“Kryptonite,” he answered without hesitation.

He was her kryptonite. She just had no defenses where Finn Hudson was concerned. There was no explanation, no cure. Rachel had tried to move on, to no avail. Now, she was so close to actually having him...and it terrified her. Rachel had never been one to let fear slow her down. Fears were meant to be confronted and conquered and that was that.

Yet, this was different. She’d always had big dreams...bigger than the sky, her dads would say. Rachel was born to be a star and nothing was more important than reaching that goal. Except...what if something was? She’d told FInn once that her dreams were bigger than him, but now she wondered if she had been trying to convince him or herself.

“Does this mean you’re speaking to me again?” Finn asked hopefully.

She sent him a withering look as they approached Ms. Pillsbury’s office. “I never stopped speaking to you.”

“You haven’t talked for, like, three minutes. That’s gotta be a record,” Finn replied, perfectly serious.

Rachel huffed. “I was thinking, alright? Just...thinking,” she replied quietly.

“Well don’t.”

Rachel had to laugh at this. Finn had the remarkable ability to reduce her to tears one minute and laughter the next. She turned and faced him as they found themselves at Ms. Pillsbury’s door. “What, think?”

He flashed her a grin. “Not if it stops you from talking to me.” He moved until he was standing directly in front of her. “And not if it makes you so sad.”

She looked away, took a deep breath, and knocked on the office door. Ms. Pillsbury had seen them through the window and was already waving them in, but Rachel needed a distraction. She knew that she had to stay strong. She could show no sign of vulnerability; Rachel had made her decision and that was that.


“Kids, come on in. Please sit down,” Emma motioned to the chairs across from her desk. Finn and Rachel sat down and waited. Rachel looked nervous and defiant at the same time. She was clearly prepared for battle and no intention of loosing. Finn, on the other hand, looked rather self-assured. Emma had no idea what this was about; all Finn had told her was that they needed an objective third party for conflict resolution. He had actually read it off of what appeared to be the back a candy bar wrapper.

All three sat and waited. Emma didn’t want to rush them and looked back and forth between the two teens. After several awkward moments, Rachel sighed and began. “Just for the record, I think that this is entirely unnecessary.”

“Ah...okay. So, why did you agree to come?” Emma questioned.

“This was Finn’s idea. I’m here because...” She paused, looking stumped. “Because Finn asked me.” Rachel glanced at Finn out of the corner of her eye and he smiled at her in a very...intimate way.

Emma cleared her throat, feeling uncomfortable. “Finn, why don’t you start by telling me why you made this appointment.”

“Right. Well, see...” He paused, clearly wondering where to start and just how much to divulge. “Rachel is my friend. She’s, well, she’s kind of the best friend I’ve ever had.” Emma saw Rachel smile softly, clearly touched. “And not just because of what happened with Puck and Quinn. Since I joined glee, Rachel has just sorta been there for me. She helped me figure out a lot of stuff, you know?”

Emma could see that finding the words was difficult for Finn, so she tried to help. “Rachel sounds like she’s been a great friend. Have you two had a disagreement?” Emma prompted.

“Sort of, but not really a fight. I need you to help me convince Rachel that she is being totally ridiculous and should just go out with me,” Finn finished, leaning forward in his chair, raising then dropping his arms in frustration.

Emma’s eyes widened (more so that usual). “Oh.” She shifted in her chair, wondering how best to tackle this. Rachel jumped in before she got the chance.

“I am not being ridiculous. I am being perfectly rational!” Rachel sat up straighter, shifting her eyes to Emma. Emma had noticed that Rachel’s posture said a great deal about her mood. “I think that Finn getting involved with me--with anyone--right now is a huge mistake!”

“Rachel, why do you think that you know what’s best for everyone?” Finn countered.

“It is a well known fact, Finn, that it takes half the the length of a relationship to get over that person.” Rachel declared. She said it with such authority that even Emma almost believed her.

“So my ex cheats on me, lies about me getting her pregnant, and I have to wait four months to move on with my life?” Finn was incredulous. “This has gotta be some batty chick rule. No dude would come up with this!”

Emma secretly agreed with Finn’s assessment. He could be unexpectedly perceptive. “Well, Rachel, there are many theories, but I wouldn’t say that this is a fact,” Emma always felt it important to clear up supposed facts. When people subscribed to silly ideas and half-truths, things always got so messy.

“This comes from a very reliable source, Ms. Pillsbury,” Rachel assured her. “But even if it weren’t true, it doesn’t change anything. Finn cannot possibly be in the right frame of mind to enter into a relationship at this point.”

“I love when people talk about me like I’m not here,” Finn muttered.

Rachel turned toward Finn, regretful. “I’m sorry. But it’s how I feel.”

Finn sighed, clearly unsure of how to convince Rachel. “Well,” Emma began, “Rachel, you mentioned feelings.” Rachel’s eyes widened slightly. Rachel was not pleased by the direction of this conversation. “How do you feel about Finn?”


Finn suddenly sat up straight, his attention fully on Rachel. “He knows how I feel,” Rachel answered, trying to get away with saying as little as possible.

“Come on, Rachel. That’s not an answer,” Finn whined. This was just getting good! Finn wanted to hear her say how she felt. He needed to hear it, he realized.

“Well, why don’t you tell me how you feel about me for a change?” Rachel countered, displaying a sudden burst of outrage. She seemed stunned by her own words and paused. Rachel opened and closed her mouth several times before finally speaking again. “I’m tired of putting my heart on the line and getting nothing in return.”

Finn felt like someone had hit him on the back of the head with a bat. “You--you really don’t know how I feel?” He asked, genuinely shocked. But Rachel knew everything! Besides, it seemed like everyone else knew how he felt about her. His football teammates teased him constantly about wanting to “get under The Glee Freak’s tiny skirt.” Even Quinn had known months before they’d broken up. Rachel had to know! Didn’t she?

“Finn, this just proves that I’m right,” she began. Finn began to protest, but stopped when Rachel stood up and moved to stand directly in front of him. She leaned down so that their faces were eye-level and took his hands in her own. “Finn, you’re my best friend now, too. But anything else...now isn’t the time. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. You just need to wait...to heal before you can really love someone again.”

Again? Did she say “again?” Rachel thought that he had loved...maybe still loved...Quinn? He needed to fix this, quickly. Finn looked into her eyes, ready to tell her...wow, her eyes sure were pretty. He shook his head to focus his thoughts back where they belonged, but that was a huge mistake. His eyes found themselves locked on her lips. Large, full, and naked. And, oh God, she was biting her lower lip. They were so close. He’d missed being this close to her. All he needed to do was lean up, just a bit, and...almost there...

Author's Note:Please don't kill me for stopping there. Didn't the title of the chapter give you a hint?

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