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Rachel & Finn

Couples Counseling

A Community for Finn/Rachel from Fox's GLEE


Couples Counseling

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Title: Couples Counseling
Author: hope813
Pairing: Finn/Rachel
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers through "Mash-Up."
Word Count:1,009 for chapter one
Disclaimer: Sadly, this world is not mine.
Summary: Finn comes up with a plan to convince Rachel that they can finally be together. Now, he just has to get her to go along with it. The story takes place two months after the events of "Mash-Up."

Author's Note: I just cannot get Finn and Rachel out of my head! This story is separate from my first story, "Shot in the Heart (And You're To Blame)." I felt like it would be nice to see Finn do the pursuing for a change and tried to come up with a way that was in-character for both Finn and Rachel. Reviews are welcome and do inspire me to write faster!

“Finn, I told you that this is not the right time,” Rachel declared with a long-suffering sigh. This adorably frustrating man-child would surely be the death of her.

“And I told you, that I think it is the right time.” She started down the hall toward her locker, and Finn rushed to catch up. “Look, Rachel,” he began, standing in front of her to block her path of escape. “I know that we’ve talked about this before--”

“Yes, we have. Over and over again,” Rachel replied, dangerously close to tears. Didn’t he understand how hard this was for her? That she was saying “no” to him not because she wanted to, but in order to protect their friendship? To save any shot they might have for a real relationship in the future? “Finn,” she began, taking a calming breath. “I will not be a rebound or a distraction.” Seeing his downcast look, Rachel took Finn’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’ve been your friend and will help you to get over everything that’s happened, but getting involved now is a terrible idea.”

Rachel made a move to duck under Finn’s arm, but he gripped her hand and held her back. “You would not be...are not...a rebound.” He lifted their still entwined hands to his lips and kissed the back of her hand, eyes locked on hers. “I’m not giving up.”

Rachel stood stock-still as Finn strode down the hallway, both ignoring the catcalls of those that had witnessed his uncharacteristic display of affection. Rachel knew that the new topic in the gossip mill would be that Finn Hudson was rebounding with glee outcast, Rachel Berry. They would wonder how he had fallen so far, so quickly. The buzz still hadn’t died down about Quinn cheating on Finn and lying about Finn being her baby’s father. All of that she could and would deal with. Rachel knew that she was strong and would not cave under the scrutiny and taunting of her peers. Still, it broke her heart that Finn, once the King of McKinley’s High’s Social Monarchy, was now treated like the court jester. She had supported Finn through it all and would continue to do so. Sill, as much as she wanted more than friendship, Rachel knew it was asking for trouble. Finn was still bitter and hurting over the betrayal and was in no place to begin a healthy relationship. Still, Finn’s words echoed in her head and ached in heart. I’m not giving up. She prayed that it was true.


“Hey, Ms. Pillsbury?”

Emma looked up to see Finn Hudson standing in her office doorway. He was wearing a lopsided grin, which was a welcome change. The news that Quinn Fabray had cheated on him and was, in fact, carrying Noah Puckerman’s baby had spread through the school like wildfire. Finn had taken it especially hard and it had taken half of the football team to keep him from killing his best friend. Emma found it sweet and very telling that while six muscle-bound jocks had trouble restraining him, that all it took was one small girl calling his name to have Finn freeze in his tracks. Rachel Berry had simply walked forward, taken Finn’s large hand in her own tiny one, and led him down the hallway, much like an owner walking a puppy on a leash. He just seemed helpless to resist her.

For the past two weeks, Emma had tried to get Finn to open up to her about his feelings, but he had remained stubbornly silent. It did not surprise her, but Will had told her that had been talking to Finn and offering his support. Emma was grateful that Finn had Will in his life as a mentor and a friend. Will had also told her (confidentially, of course) that Finn had been spending a lot of time with Rachel and that she was probably the main thing helping him through it all.

“Finn, what can I do for you?” Finn took that as an invitation and plopped down in the chair opposite her desk. He leaned in forward, all business. “I was wondering if I could make an appointment with you for tomorrow,” he replied, looking immensely pleased with himself.

Emma smiled widely, both surprised and pleased. “Absolutely...um, what about fifth period?” She asked, flipping through her plan book.

“Perfect...I have algebra!” He began to rise, then plopped back down. “Actually, I probably shouldn’t miss that class,” Finn stated with great regret. He offered another lopsided grin, “The only class I can afford to miss is gym.”

“Well, that is very responsible of you,” Emma declared with a nod of approval.

“Rachel would probably lecture me for an hour about ‘the importance of academic achievement’ if I missed the class,” he replied with a look of sham irritation which suggested that Finn wouldn’t really mind such a lecture, so long as Rachel was the one delivering it.

Emma hid a grin and looked up Finn’s schedule on the computer. “So, you have gym seventh period, so how about then?”

Finn jumped up. “Perfect! Rachel has Bio seventh. She is still mad that Mr. Willis gave her an A- on her respiration essay because she got into musical theater camp in the sixth grade and his daughter didn’t.” Emma struggled not to laugh. As paranoid as that explanation sounded, she knew that Mr. Willis was not above such behavior.

“Wait...I thought that the appointment was for you,” Emma replied, shaking her head, trying to sort through Finn’s request, sure that she had missed a step somewhere.

“Oh, it’s for both of us,” Finn announced, again looking rather proud.
  • i kind of love this. looking forward to more!
  • Awh. Haha. This is so adorable so far, and Finn is amazing. I can't wait for another update. :D
  • AWWWW (: Oh my gosh, by far one of the most adorable Finn-chasing-over-Berry story I've read. KEEP WRITING, it's amazing! Look forward to it. :D
  • Emma found it sweet and very telling that while six muscle-bound jocks had trouble restraining him, that all it took was one small girl calling his name to have Finn freeze in his tracks.

    I can't really explain it, but I adore that line. :) Keep writing! Can't wait to read more!
    • Well, I just posted chapter 2! Let me know what you think. I truly appreciate the reviews!
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