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Rachel & Finn

end of the line: part 3/3

A Community for Finn/Rachel from Fox's GLEE


end of the line: part 3/3

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finn and rachel

Title: End of the Line; Part 3/3
Author: meggers_27
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:  I don't own Glee.  Some other genius does.  I only own a billion dollar necklace from Greece that some cute Greek boy talked me into buying.  His ringtone was Mamma Mia, I couldn't help myself.  Anyways... I don't own Glee.
Spoilers:  None really.  Takes place in the future, but isn't based on any spoilers.  Everything up until The Rhodes Not Taken has happened (and Quinn has not yet become human-like).
Summary: It's homecoming at McKinley High.  Surprises and revelations occur. 
Pairings:  Rachel/Finn (I suppose there are some Rachel/Puck; Puck/Quinn undertones).
Author's Note: Thanks to everyone for reading my first little Glee fic! 

They march back towards the dance together, hand-in-hand, but the journey is spent in silence.

Finn is too determined to speak and Rachel too unsure of what she could possibly say to ease the pained look on his face.  She watches him closely as he tries to connect the dots, but it’s almost too hard to witness.

His world is about to be turned upside down by two of the people he cares about most and her heart is breaking for him.

While the revelation that Finn is not going to be a father to Quinn’s baby is one that makes Rachel happy - hopeful that with this news Finn will be just hers - it nearly breaks her heart to watch as the boy she cares so deeply about has the floor pulled out from beneath him.

She just has to keep reminding herself that when the truth is out in the open and he finds peace in that truth, he will realize, just like she already has, that this is for the best.

Finn has a future now.  A future where he’s not tied down to a girl who brings him down or a baby that isn’t really his.

Maybe even a future with her.

But she tries not to think too far ahead and instead concentrates on just being in the moment.  A moment where Finn is holding onto her hand so tightly that she thinks he might never let her go.

They enter the auditorium and he does just that - let’s her go.

Since they’ve been gone, the dance has thinned out and not as many students remain.  They do not have to fight through crowds as they weave their way towards the back of the room where they last saw Quinn.  Rachel stays close to Finn’s side, but she begins to wonder if he remembers her presence at all.

She stops when he stops and notices the way he instantly tenses.  She looks past him to see that he’s spotted Quinn in the back of the room, surrounded by her friends. 

“Hey,” she says softly, laying a hand on his arm.  “You know, you don’t have to do this here.”

He looks down at her and simply says, “Yes.  I do.”

“Okay.  Maybe I should let you do this alone.  Quinn hates me already.  I don’t want her to think…”

“No,” he interjects quickly.  “I want you to be here.”  He squeezes her hand quickly before her stalks over to where Quinn is standing.

“Where have you been?” she demands as soon as Finn is standing before her.  She looks past him to see Rachel and she glares at her.  “Please don’t tell me you were with her.”

“Quinn, we need to talk,” he whispers, his voice as rough as he can make it.  For someone like Finn it is not easy to be mean or hard, even if the situation calls for it.  It is especially hard for him to be cruel to Quinn.  Someone he cares about.  Someone he thought was carrying his child.  Even if she did lie.

“Okay?”  She simply shrugs, waiting for him to continue.

He steps closer to her.  “It’s serious.  And I think we should talk about it alone.”

Quinn eyes him skeptically, but when she sees he does not relent, she turns to her friends to shoo them away and they slowly oblige.

“If you’re going to make my friends leave, then you’re going to have to tell her to go away too,” she hisses, casting her eyes disapprovingly on Rachel who still remains silently behind Finn.

Finn glances behind him and smiles at Rachel.  She smiles back and is about to turn to leave when he says “no” firmly to Quinn.  “She stays.”

Though Rachel is surprised, she can do nothing but remain in place.

“What is this all about?” Quinn asks, the anticipation slowly eating her up.

“I know the truth.  You have to have sex to get pregnant and we’ve never had sex.”

Quinn gasps, her heart beginning to pound and she feels as though everything begins to move in slow motion around her. 

“I cant be the dad, Quinn.  It’s impossible, “ Finn continues.  “So, who is?”

“I…”  She falters, unsure of where to pull words from. 

“Just tell me the truth,” he demands.  “I just need to know.”

Tears begin to build in her eyes and all she can think to do is launch herself into Finn’s arms, sobs wracking her body as she tries to find the words to explain everything to him.

He hold onto her, unwilling to let her fall to the ground before him, but there is no emotion in the way he touches her anymore. 

There is nothing left.

“Just tell me who it is,” Finn asks again, more softly this time, the sight of Quinn in tears melting him slightly.  Though he knows she was wrong to lie, he cant help but feel sorry for her.

She looks up at him, her eyes red and tear-filled and she whispers, “Puck.”

At the name, Finn releases her and backs away slowly.

“How could you?” he asks in a daze. 

Words begin to pour from her mouth, quickly and illogically, but Finn hears nothing.  The truth now buzzes loudly in his head and it’s all he can concentrate on.

That and the horrible cracking of his heart.

“I don’t want to hear it,” he tells her finally, effectively causing her mouth to snap shut.  “We’re through.”

He turns away from her, towards Rachel, placing his hand on her shoulder to lead her back out, but Quinn calls out desperately to stop them, “She did this!”

They both turn back to her, incredulous looks on their faces.

“No,” Finn tells her calmly.  “You did this.”
This time, Finn takes Rachel’s hand in his own, his fingers threading through hers, and they walk out of the dance together.  The sea of students parting as they pass - shocked to watch as Finn Hudson walks out of the dance with Rachel Berry, a brokenhearted Quinn in their wake.

When they are outside, the cool night air surrounds them.  Finn does not stop even after he is safely outside, but instead keeps plowing ahead.  He moves so quickly, so determinedly, that he is practically dragging Rachel with him.

“Finn, wait!” Rachel calls out when she didn’t think she could keep up any longer. 

He stops suddenly.  “What?”

“Are you okay?”

He shakes his head.  “No, not really.  I just learned that my girlfriend had sex with my best friend.”

“You’re allowed to be upset and mad and… hurt.”

“And relieved?” he asks in a small voice.

She smiles and reaches up to press her hand against his face.  “Of course.”

“I’m not going to have a kid.  I’m not going to be a dad,” he whispers, still in shock.

“That’s a good thing,” she insists.  “You’re free.”

“Free,” he repeats in a whisper.  “I just didn’t think the truth could hurt this much.”

“Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie.”

He nods against her hand which is still pressed against his cheek.  The warmth of her hand shields him from the cold of the night and he feels as though he could stand here forever with her.

“I’m sorry that you had to find out this way.  I wish she would have told you the truth, instead of me.”

“No!” he says quickly.  “I’m glad you did.  If you hadn’t, I might have never found out the truth and then…”  He shakes his head, now unable to see any other future for himself.  “I know the truth thanks to you.”

Rachel almost feels guilty about this.  Though she believes Finn has every right to know the truth, she hates that it has caused him so much pain. 

“I just wish you didn’t have to get hurt.”

“It’s better this way,” he assures her.  “Thank you.”

Once again, Rachel is speechless and all she can do is smile shyly. 

“Would you like me to take you home?” Finn asks.  “I think it’s the least I could do.”

Rachel nods and they continue towards the parking lot.  There is silence again, but it is not as tense as before.  They both feel lighter than before the night started and it is a relief to both of them.

They are almost to his car when cold air finds Rachel and she shivers against the breeze that whispers by.  Finn notices and instantly stops to remove his jacket to place around her shoulders, tugging the lapels tightly together around her small frame.

“Better?” he asks, smiling lopsidedly as his jacket swallows her up.

“Thank you.”  She holds his jacket tightly around her and smiles at him.  She swears that he could melt her from the inside out the way that he looks at her.

“I know that it’s been a crazy night.  Actually, it’s been pretty crazy since I joined glee.  But, I was thinking that maybe I could take you out for real.  Like, a real date.”

“Really?” she asks hopefully.

“Yeah.  Something normal.  Like a movie or dinner or something.”

“No bowling?”

“No bowling,” he agrees with smirk.  “So, what do you say?”

She has to stop herself from practically squealing, but she settles for saying as evenly as she can, “I say yes.”

They both wear silly smiles as they continue to Finn’s car, hand-in-hand.  They excitedly talk of plans for their date as he drives her home.

The future seems bright once more.

When he pulls up to her house, she gives him his jacket back, her fingers lingering over his and she thanks him for driving her home.

“So, how was your first school dance?” Finn asks just before Rachel is about to get out of the car.

“Interesting,” she answers with a smirk. 

“Good or bad interesting?” he retorts.

On a whim, she leans across the car and kisses him quickly on his mouth.

“Well,” she begins, “If they all end this way, I will definitely be attending more.” 

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