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Rachel & Finn

end of the line: part 2/3

A Community for Finn/Rachel from Fox's GLEE


end of the line: part 2/3

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writers block

Title: End of the Line; Part 2/3
Author: meggers_27
Rating: R for this part just to be safe.
Disclaimer:  I don't own Glee.  Some other genius does.  I only own a billion dollar necklace from Greece that some cute Greek boy talked me into buying.  His ringtone was Mamma Mia, I couldn't help myself.  Anyways... I don't own Glee.
Spoilers:  None really.  Takes place in the future, but isn't based on any spoilers.  Everything up until The Rhodes Not Taken has happened (and Quinn has not yet become human-like).
Summary: It's homecoming at McKinley High.  Surprises and revelations occur. 
Pairings:  Rachel/Finn (I suppose there are some Rachel/Puck; Puck/Quinn undertones).
Author's Note: This is my first Glee fic.  It's a little tough getting into Rachel and Finn's head and they're tough characters to write for, but I attempted, so here goes nothing.

Finn knows exactly where to look for Rachel. 

He knows her well enough to know that she wouldn’t go home right away.  She’d have to explain to her dads why she came home so early and he knows she’s too proud to do that.

The theatre is a solace to her.  It has a church-like quality to Rachel.  Like worshippers flock to churches in a time of need, Rachel is pulled to the theatre.  The stage is her altar.

And that is exactly where Finn finds her - praying at the altar of her church. 

She is on the stage in the dim theatre.  She sits on the edge, her legs dangling over as she sings softly.  Finn doesn’t recognize the song, but it’s melancholy and beautiful. 

But he thinks anything Rachel sings is beautiful.

“Rachel,” he calls out to her softly.  He doesn’t want to intrude on her, but he is determined to apologize for Quinn’s behavior and his own inaction. 

She looks up at him surprised that he’s come after her.  And that he’s found her at all.

“What are you doing here, Finn?”

He hurries towards the stage so that he’s before here.  “I wanted to apologize.  Quinn has no right to talk to you like that.  And Puck’s an ass.  He doesn’t know how amazing you are.”

“And you?”

“I’m worse than both of them.”

This surprises Rachel most of all.

“I’m your friend, Rachel.  And friends don’t let people talk to their friends like that.”

“Oh,” she says sharply, still surprised that he’s come at all.  “Well.  Apology accepted.”  She attempts to act unaffected, staring straight ahead, unable to look Finn in the eyes. 

“So… we’re cool?”

“Yes,” she answers automatically and expects him to disappear as quickly as he came.  But he doesn’t.  He remains rooted before her and when she allows herself to look at him again, she tells him harshly, “You came, you apologized.  You can go back to Quinn and the dance now.”

“I don’t want to,” he whispers.  “I want to stay here with you.”

She eyes him suspiciously.  “Why?”

Finn presses his hands against the floor of the stage and hoists himself so that he’s sitting beside Rachel.  He scoots even closer, their shoulders touching and he bumps against her softly.  His head ducked, he glances over at her shyly and says softly, “You know why.”

“No,” she tells him firmly.  “No, I don’t know why, Finn.  Because you’ve made it quite clear that you’re with Quinn.  So, I don’t understand what you’re doing with me.”

“I don’t want to be with her, Rachel.  I just… things are complicated right now.  With the baby and her and I just…  Look.  I don’t know a lot.  I’m not smart like you.  And I’m not good with words.  But, I do know the way you make me feel.  I like the way you make me feel.”

His words buzz beautifully inside her head - just like the prettiest song she knows and instead of coming up with all the reasons why this is wrong or trying to find the logic in the situation, she simply allows herself to be drawn into him.  It’s more of a gravitational pull than anything else and before she knows it or can explain it, her lips are pressed against Finn’s in the sweetest way.

Of the few dozen kisses they’ve shared, they’ve all been soft and sweet like this one.  Despite the gentle press of his lips against hers, she always feels the passion in the way he kisses her.  That gentle, slow-rolling passion that is a slow burn rather than a fast burn.  And Rachel rather likes it that way.

Hot, fiery passion usually burns out quickly.  This, on the other hand, feels like it could go on forever.

Their kisses are often short and stolen, one of them remembering just what it is they’re doing and how wrong it would be to continue.  So, they pull away and one leaves with apologies, but both are left wanting more.

In the dim, empty theatre however, with no one to interrupt and their consciences remaining silent, they do not stop.  Finn weaves his fingers through her hair, pulling her closer against him as he deepens their kiss, his tongue slipping through her lips.

She clutches his suit jacket, pulling him in even closer as she kisses him back with the same kind of fervor.  She wants to breathe him in; hold on and never, ever let him go now that she’s got him this close.  Having Finn near her like this - kissing her this way - makes her head spin and her heart race and she forgets everything else but what his lips feel like on hers.  Stardom, Quinn, the stupid dance, all of it falls away as he kisses her.

Rachel knows it’s dangerous.  But the way his tongue slides against hers and the way his hands tug on her hair makes her worries fade away just as quickly as they pop into her head.

It is Finn who breaks their kiss this time, reluctantly tearing his lips from hers.  But he keeps her close, resting his forehead against hers, his eyes still closed, as he attempts to regulate his breath. 

“Rachel,” he whispers, his breath warm against her face.  “I really am a good guy.  I swear it.  What we’re doing…”

“I know, I know,” she assures him, her body shaking with excitement and her eyes closed in a haze of passion, her hormones coursing so rapidly through her body that she thinks she might just pass out.  “You’re one of the best people I know.”

“So, you know I wouldn’t just fool around on Quinn?  I’m not like that.  I’m not that guy.”

“And I’m not that girl,” she interjects and it causes his eyes to open on her.

He smiles, drawing one hand down to cup the side of her face, his thumb stroking her flushed cheek.  “I just don’t want you to think that I’d cheat on her.  I mean, technically that’s what we’re doing, but… Rachel, god, I cant help myself around you.  When I’m with you it doesn’t feel like I’m doing something wrong.  Actually, it feels like…”  He breathes out slowly, his eyes locked on hers.  “It feels like I’m actually doing something right.”

Rachel smiles broadly.  “That’s what it feels like for me, too,” she tells him.  “I don’t want to be the girl who steals boyfriends, but, I cant deny how I feel about you, Finn.  I don’t want to pretend that I don’t want to be with you.”

“I don’t either,” he breathes, drawing her back into him to kiss her again.

Their confessions do not interfere with the heat of their kiss and they continue in much the same way.  Hands clutching whatever part of the other they can reach, lips sliding, tongues dancing, hearts racing, and heads spinning.  It all comes together in the most beautiful harmony that echoes inside their heads.

With one hand pressed behind her back, Finn carefully lowers Rachel to the floor of the stage, his body covering hers.  He doesn’t break their kiss - he refuses.  He’s scared if that he stops kissing her for one second, one of them will come to their senses and stop.  And while he knows the repercussions if he continues, he doesn’t think he could live with himself if he doesn’t.

The floor of the stage is cold against Rachel’s back, her little red dress hardly covering anything.  But Finn’s heat on top of her is enough to keep her warm and the chill of the stage the furthest thing from her mind.  She cant concentrate on such things when she’s got Finn pressed so tightly against her and his tongue moving in time with hers.

It is reminiscent of their first kiss, on this very stage.  There is less apprehension, less fear this time.  They are familiar with each other now - the way they taste and feel.  And yet, there is still that same amount of excitement as the first time they kissed.  All their nerve endings lit up and sparkling with the anticipation of all that is yet to be.

His lungs screaming, Finn breaks away from their kiss once more.  But Rachel is not left to pout as he trails his lips roughly against her jaw and then down the column of her throat.  His lips, tongue, and teeth moving in the most amazing harmony she has ever known.

Rachel has never had anyone kiss her quite like this before.

She cant help the soft, low moan that escapes the back of her throat or the way her body arches off the cold floor into Finn’s warm body above her.  Even her hands seem to move on their own accord, moving to cling to his shoulders, asking for him to continue to touch her just this way forever.

As he stops at the junction of her neck and shoulder to bite softly at the flesh he finds there, his hand slowly skims her side, coming to rest at her hip.  He can feel her shiver beneath him and he smiles against her neck.  Almost in response, he squeezes her hip with his hand and his tongue darts out to soothe where he has just pressed his teeth against her skin.

Instinctively, Rachel opens her legs around him so that he can fit more comfortably between them.  She can feel his warmth even better now as they’re pressed intimately together.  She can even feel the effect she has over him, pressing against her thigh and she gasps slightly at the first feel of it. 

Rachel never thought herself capable of such power, such influence, especially not over someone like Finn, but she can feel the evidence.  And it’s empowering.

She pulls him back to her, her lips eagerly seeking his out for another kiss.  She wastes no time and snakes her tongue between his lips.

The feel of his mouth over hers and his warm body pressed so wonderfully against hers causes her to shift slightly beneath him, wanting even more contact.  Her body feels like it’s been set on fire and she feel like she might even burst from how badly she just wants Finn to touch her.

It quickly becomes too much for Finn.  The feel of her lips, her tongue, her hands, and her body moving so enticingly beneath his makes him feel as though he’ll lose his mind at any second.  Her almost subtle shift below him is his last straw - the way his very obvious erection is pressed so tightly against her thigh - and he pulls away from her quickly, fearing what any more contact might do to him.

Though Finn feels safe with Rachel, he still wants to retain some sort of bravado before her.

Looking down at her - her chest rising and falling quickly as she attempts to catch her breath, her tousled hair, her smeared make up, and her disheveled dress - he knows she’s confused, upset, mad.  The look in her eyes always gives away her emotions.  Especially when she’s hurt.

“What?” she asks breathlessly, pushing herself up into a sitting position.  “Did I do something wrong?  Again?”  She remembers the first time they kissed and the way he pulled away, much like this, and how she constantly wondered what it was she did to scare him away.

“No!” he assures her quickly.  “God, no.  You were doing everything right.”

“Oh,” she sighs, nearly in relief.  “Then what’s wrong?  Why did you stop?”

“Because you were doing everything right,” he says again with a little more emphasis as he nods downward, towards the evidence he’s trying to hide from her.

Her mouth forms into a little ‘o’ and she slowly nods, understanding what he means.

“I just don’t want this to go too far.  I don’t want to not be able to stop if you want me to.”  He scoots closer, feeling safe again, and he reaches his hand towards her, cupping her cheek.  “You’ve never done this before, have you?”

“No,” she whispers, her eyes falling to the floor.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Finn tells her quickly, taking her chin in his hand so that he can tip her face back up, her eyes meeting his. 

Whenever he looks into Rachel’s eyes - those big, brown doe eyes of hers - he feels safe and secure.  As if nothing else really matters and she’ll make it all okay.  That’s why he’s always drawn to her and cant ever seem to stop the pull.  That’s why he has the courage to tell her things he wouldn’t normally tell other people. 

“I’ve never done it before either,” he admits to her quietly, carefully.

Rachel jerks back instantly, her eyes big and round as she stares at him.  “What do you mean?!”

Embarrassed at his own admission, Finn ducks his head as he explains, “I’ve you know, never really… you know…  If we were to… it would be my first time, too.”

“Wait.  What?”  Rachel is confused.  Her head is spinning once more, but now it’s for an entirely different reason.

“I’ve never…”  He looks around, still embarrassed, before finishing in a whisper, “had sex.”

“But how can that be?” she demands, an edge coming to her voice.  “Quinn is pregnant!  You have to have sex to get pregnant.”

“No, no, no,” Finn laughs as though it’s obvious what happened.  “Quinn and I were in a hot tub and I, well…”  He becomes embarrassed again, having to admit what happened, but he continues as he sees Rachel is staring at him expectantly.  “I got a little, um, excited and just kind of… burst.  In the hot tub.  Apparently, sperm can live in a hot tub for a really long time cause of the heat or whatever.  We never actually had sex.  That’s how she got pregnant.”

Rachel is still staring at him, her mouth wide open and her eyes wide.  The look on her face is an incredulous one and she is, for the first time in her life, speechless.

“Rachel?” Finn calls out, concerned as to why she isn’t saying anything.

Finally, she says, “You cant get pregnant that way,” matter-of-factly.

“What?  Sure you can.  Obviously,” he huffs with a shrug.

“No.  No, you cant,” she insists.  “No.  It would be impossible.  Finn, you have to have sex to get pregnant and if you and Quinn have never had sex…”

He stares at her confusedly, a thousand different things popping in and out of his mind as he tries to make sense of what she’s saying.  Rachel is the smartest person he knows.  She is also the most honest person that he knows.  And with those two things locked into his mind, he knows she is not lying.

When his mind has stopped racing and the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together, Finn whispers, “Does that mean… She’s not really pregnant?”

Rachel shrugs, biting her lip and unable to look him in the eyes.  While Finn, poor, sweet Finn, is unable to see the truth surrounding his girlfriend‘s pregnancy, she has already put it together.  The pained look on his face makes it hard for her to hurt him any further, even if it is the truth she’s arming him with.

“I think she’s pregnant, Finn,” she tells him slowly.

“Then, how…”  The light bulb goes on and instead he asks, “Who?”

She is 99.9% sure she also knows the answer to this question - it’s obvious in the way Puck and Quinn slink around together - she refuses to give him this one.  It is not her truth to tell.

“I think you should talk to Quinn,” she tells him softly.

“Yeah, yeah,” he mumbles, hopping off the stage, determined to do just that.

Rachel is left on stage alone once more.  The warmth of Finn slowly leaving her body and the cold of the empty stage settling in. 

But, Finn turns to her, his hand outstretched towards her and he asks, “Come with me?”

She cant help but smile as she places her hand in his, the warmth instantly returning, as they walk hand-in-hand out of the theatre


  • LOL a scene like that in glee will just kill me <3 So perfect Ilove it great job ;)
  • So. I'm pretty sure you're psychic. How else could you have written that entire "you can't get pregnant like that" scene between Rachel and Finn when I have been envisioning that very thing for about three weeks?? :D

    This is great. Can't wait to see how this is resolved!!!
  • AAAAAAAHHHHH! I'm glad he finally put the pieces together...well...almost. :D
    Great job! I love this story :D
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