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Rachel & Finn

Fic: Thank You, Slusho!

A Community for Finn/Rachel from Fox's GLEE


Fic: Thank You, Slusho!

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small town girl
Thank You, Slusho!
by Tracy (lunarknightz)
Category: General with a side of Finn/Rachel
Spoilers: Anything through "Accafellas" is fair game.
Summary: Frozen slushes were once Rachel's favorite things in the entire world.

When she was little, frozen slushes were Rachel’s favorite thing in the world. They were awesome- they tasted good, and they were just fun. She loved everything about a frozen slush- from the cute bear on the ICEE machine to the neat noise that the straw made when it rubbed against the Styrofoam of the cup. She loved the sugar high that came after a really good slush, and even the brain freeze headache that you got if you drink it too fast.

Slushes were a nice, icy little piece of heaven.

Slushes were a treat- normally her Dads kept her on a vegetable rich organic diet, but they’d get her slushes after special occasions. Doctors appointments and shots, birthdays, and celebrations after recitals.

Rachel’s love affair with slushes ended in eighth grade, on the field trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana. This was the first field trip she’d ever been on where bag lunches weren’t involved. She had twenty dollars to spend, which seemed like an awful lot.

She used a good amount of the money to buy souvenirs from the truck stop/gas station where they bought lunch (the day-glo pink shirt was totally a necessity. The field trip was a memorable occasion, after all). Rachel had just enough money left to buy a slush with her lunch, in the biggest insulated mug the truck stop sold.

Her stomach felt upset on the way home. Maybe it was because she hadn’t eaten anything for lunch, or maybe it was that the air conditioning was broken in the bus and she got overheated. Regardless, when they stopped for a bathroom break, disaster struck.

She threw up the slush.

All over herself, and all over Quinn Farbray.

The actual barf would have been enough to ruin slushes for her forever; but the queen of eighth grade popularity wouldn’t let Rachel’s embarrassment fade away. Quinn cornered her in the hall the next Monday and threw an entire large slush all over Rachel.

Rachel wasn’t sure what she hated more- slushes, or Quinn.

It was a toss up, really.


At William McKinley High School, tossing slushes on Rachel Berry could have been an intramural sport. People she didn’t even know enjoyed tossing frozen concotions all over her, ruining her clothes and trying to ruin her day (But she wouldn’t let it ruin her day - her Dads had raised her better than that) But Rachel always kept a spare set of clothes in her locker, just in case.

She saw the student and thought she knew would happen, and she braced herself for impact, squeezing her eyes shut. Cold sugar syrup really could burn the eyes.

Rachel heard the slush move in the cup and the flush of impact as it hit, but the icy chill didn’t soak through her shirt or drip down her face.

She didn’t feel it at all.

Rachel opened her eyes and blinked.

Finn was standing in front of her, coated in blue slush and furious. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” He growled at the slush throwing student.

“Dude, I’m sorry.” The student said. “Seriously, I wasn’t trying to hit you. I was trying to hit the freak..”

“She’s not a freak.” Finn hissed. “She’s an awesome singer who has more talent and more brains than you’ll ever have. She’s a lady, she’s my friend, and her name is Rachel.” Finn grabbed the boy by the collar of his shirt. “If I ever see or hear of you treating her like that again, you’re going to have to deal with me. Got it?”

The student nodded mutely and scurried away.

“Thank you.” She said shyly…”I….I…”

Finn put a slush covered finger up to her mouth. “Nobody deserves to be treated like that, Rachel. Least of all, you.”


“Seriously, Rachel.” A drop of blue slush dropped off the end of Finn’s nose onto Rachel’s cheek. “What do you say we go find a towel?”

Rachel nodded, and Finn slipped his syrup covered hand in her own.

At that moment, Rachel was pretty damn sure that Finn was the best damn thing in the world…if not the entire universe.
  • I literally squeed out loud when I got to the climax of your story - quite chivalrous (yes, Finn, that's a good thing) of him to take a slush for her. I love it...as well as his defense of Rachel and threat to the slush-throwing kid afterward. Moreover, I could see him doing/saying that, too.

    Great story! :D
  • They need to have Finn defend Rachel's honor sometime during the show.

    LOVED that story!:D
  • LOVE IT!

    I definitely want to see something along these lines at some point in the show, despite the fact that we know fully well that Rachel could probably kick a guy's ass if she needed to. Because the fact that Finn would stand up for her anyway is most likely inevitable. ;)
  • Oh I loved this!! Like everyone's said I'd love to see this happen on the show. Finn is such the perfect stand-up guy and he would totally defend Rachel's honor if he was ever present when something like that happened.
  • awww so cute!!
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