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Rachel & Finn

Title: Challenge Author: clomoo Rating: G Disclaimer: I…

A Community for Finn/Rachel from Fox's GLEE


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Title: Challenge
Author: clomoo
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or any of its characters. Sad times!
Warnings: un-beta'd, first Glee fic and I'm a Brit so any cultural mistakes you can blame on me being from across the pond!
Summary: Rachel's experience of distraction in the form of Finn Hudson.

Glee \ glē \ n. 1. open delight or pleasure: When Finn Hudson smiles from across the room.

Her concentration was flagging. That never happened, especially when the success of their latest performance hinged on her ability to hit the right notes. Admittedly it was selfish (but true) to claim that she carried the group. Of course Rachel admired the others’ efforts, but they weren’t exactly lead material.

But Finn, he was a worthy challenge, in more ways than one. With Rachel’s help on his footwork and her restrained frustration at his lack of grace, he was climbing to become a triple-threat. Yet despite the thrill of working with such a match, Rachel was having her doubts. Perhaps her plea to Mr. Schuester for a new male lead wasn’t the answer after all.

Fidgeting, Finn’s drum roll on his thighs distracted her again from her sheet notes. But as she looked up, wound and ready to snap, Finn smiled. It was one of those perfect, white-teethed smiles that creased his cheeks making those moles and freckles disappear into dimples. Inevitably she found herself drawn into it and smiling back, not even noticing Kurt’s shrill complaints about his outfit directed at Mercedes. Finn gestured his head towards the bickering pair and rolled his eyes; Rachel found herself nodding and widening her smile despite being oblivious to the other members.

If it wasn’t the smiles or the drumming, it was whistling and humming or truthfully, him just being there. But he wasn’t even trying to irritate (and she doubted the others even noticed – probably, she reasoned, because he only seemed interested in fooling around for her attention) and he’d certainly taken his role in New Directions seriously. Whether it was the football jock in him or the endearing hard-worker, he’d practice relentlessly until, like her, he was nearing perfection. And she couldn’t help but find that blindingly attractive.

Resisting the urge to join him on the other side of the classroom, Rachel returned her focus to the lyrics on the page. She’d found herself avoiding songs with mockingly relatable words lately (couldn’t unrequited love in music be put to rest already?!). Thankfully Mr. Schue had refrained from another duet this week, although even he – painfully ignorant of Miss Pillsbury’s interest - had commented on her and Finn’s chemistry. Of course she’d noticed their spark from the start and naively believed it would only enhance their performances, being so vital in keeping their routines vibrant.

“Marks out of ten?” Finn asked, his voice cracking her determination. She raised her glance to see him tapping out the steps she’d guided him through the day before. Her eyes strayed to his mouth, where his tongue licked the corner of his lips. It was something she’d noticed, through her well hidden stares in his direction, that he did a lot of when he was concentrating.

When she did look at his feet, he was out of time and she couldn’t not point it out, “Seven,” she said, boosting his score purely because his T-shirt made him cuter, “You’re out of time,”

“Rach!” he cried, hands on hips, “You said a nine yesterday,” and she had to bite her cheek to stop the smile itching her features. As a child she’d hated being called Rach, it had been an easy source of teasing for girls in her dance class and the cause of a few temper tantrums at home. But from Finn, it was like hearing her name in a whole new way. He was nothing like she’d expected from a jock, not like his team, he wasn’t blunt or rough or brutish. He sang and spoke and touched in gentle rhythms. It was just the footwork that needed softening.

“Yesterday you were a nine,” she said looking up through her lashes.

He gave a half shake of his head and a smile from the side of his mouth and she remembered why she’d given him a nine in the first place.

“You wanna practise the pairs part?” he asked with a shrug and offering out his hand.

She took at an idle glance towards the lyric sheet. They’d already nailed the dance. But after a moment’s hesitation, she was pulled to her feet by Finn.

“Let’s make it a ten,” Finn said, hands skimming her waist.
  • cute and sweet.

    I liked it!
  • Adorable! I love it!
  • Fab

    That was just lovely!

    Wonders how she'll cope until Sept......(thinks it may involve lots fic reading).

    • Re: Fab

      September is far too long away I agree! Thank you for reading (and persuading me to write this!)
  • This is so sweet! I love their relationship in this story, it's very realistic and spot-on. :DD Great job!
    • Thank you! Really glad you thought it was realistic! Hard to characterise when there's been so little to go on but I just had to!
  • Hello, awesome fic! Haha, I loved this. So lovely, and I think I'm starting to feel the same way about Cory as Rachel does about Finn. :P Why is he so cute???
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